Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thought some of you might wonder how we feed on average 30 to 36 people 3 times a day....

Tonight during dinner we were calculating some numbers that concern our food budget and some interesting facts came out of our discussion.....

I spend 1,000 dollars per week on our shopping budget. That breaks down to 52 weeks x 1,000 = 52,000 dollars out of our budget that goes to mostly food but also includes diapers, cleaning supplies, otc medicines, sanitary pads, birthday gifts and celebrations and other odds and ends every week. I feed on avg. 30 people a meal 3 times a day = 90 meals a day. For the total of a week 7 x 90 meals = 630 meals a week. Now divide $1000 by 630 = about 1. 59 cents per person's meal or we feed each person in the family for $ 4.77 a day for all their meals. This is if we were spending the total of 1,000 dollars on just food which we are not. Some of it goes towards other items like I shared....So in reality lets just say I spend 200 on the others items as a guess then I divide $ 800 by 630 = 1.27 per person's meal or 1. 27 x 3 = 3.81 per person a day for their meals.....Pretty good when you also consider we eat a minimum of 5 to 7 fruits and vegetables a day, protein at each meal along with the recommended dairy, and grains and fats. Just thought you might find this interesting. So we feed our family on just $ 114.30 a day.

The bottom picture was all of us eating out at The Golden Corral for our dinner meal to celebrate our family before Paul and I traveled to Ghana in January to pick up Levi and Grace....that one meal ( and this was a deal) for our family cost us - 250.00 with all of us drinking water. We were able to all eat out together because of gifts from others. Eating out is not something we do very often. We are grateful to our neighbor and family who share. Just thought you might be interested.


MARY B. said...

Okay Jeane! you beat me by a landslide! But I'm up for a challenge. We'll do the same math during school tomorrow (because we haven't taken a March break like everyone else up North) and I'll place the goal for being better stewards with our food budget to the kids and see what they come up with :-).
Where's that awesome park with all the playground equipment in your "picnic table" photo?
Love, Mary B.

lolamako said...

Not sure if this is something you have tried, or already do, often you can purchase bulk food from producer wholesalers. I am able to pay wholesale prices for whatever they carry. My produce supplier sells fruit, vegetables, spices, canned goods, dried goods, nuts, and some specialty items like marinated artichokes.

I just bought 38lbs of "cutie" sized tangerines for $16! And in the summer can get a flat of strawberries for under $8!
(I'm sorry if this publishes twice, I didn't see it the first time, so am trying again)