Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celebrating and Praising

We call it..."We have a need for some music" and then the kids get crazy :)
Doesn't Luke lead his partner well ?


Autumn said...

ahh how cute! Look at Gracie getting in on the action too! She looks like if she kept at it, she would really have some moves! I love it :) Your kids are beautiful and the birthday boy is a good leader when he dances!

Christie M said...

So cute! He is quite the man! :)

Jennifer Hambrick said...

I don't think I have listened to Petra in 15 years (or more!)...brings back some memories!

Those are some great moves they have going on. Must have gotten them from their older sister or something.

mommajeane said...

We sang the song, Take the Coal from them in church 2 weeks ago and later that nite we hunted up this old praise album. I actually loved it because of our old memories too :)