Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do you know what this little pow wow is about ?

I can not tell you how much seeing these kids sitting around planning their birthday makes me. They came home tonite from choir practice and I shared that on Friday was Sari's and Selah's b-day. This will be the first time Sari will celebrate her day of birth ever. She and Selah are turning 8. Last year was Selah's first b-day celebration. Can you imagine what that is like to have a day to celebrate your life and who you are for the first time ever ? They both are beyond excited...of course the others have told me their ideas for their parties ( even though they are many months away).

The smile on the face of a child who knows they are special, loved and wanted is priceless.....

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crzy4myfam said...

Happy Birthday to them both! How exciting! ~ Becca