Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It is the little things that makes us feel special

Sunday before Christmas our friends ( family) the Livermores- Dick and Helen and one of the Pastors at church - Pastor Lowry and his wife Robin made a run to Krumpe's . We had a wonderful visit and delicious donuts. Anyone is always welcome to drop by for a visit but, they probably do not realize how special they make us feel when they do... It feels like you are saying to all of us ," You are special enough to give my time to just be with you" It does not have to be anything big either just dropping in and being together . We thank the Lord for these opportunities to be together.

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Christie M said...

That is so special! The kindness of brothers and sisters in Christ ministers to our hearts, encourages us and refreshes us, giving us strength to press on! :)