Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It was that time again- Jan. 2 and 5th

Mya wants a horse in the worst way...but , we owned one once a long time ago and learned we really are not horse people. One of her favorite things to do at Chuckie Cheese.

Mady is old enough now to come with her sister, Ava to Chuckie Cheese.

Let's just say Ava made me laugh very hard on this...she was not to happy about it but she was sure fun to watch.

Paul has been celebrating with his daughter, Mya and grandaughter, Ava for the last few yrs...Good thing he likes Chuckie Cheese :) We had a party on Saturday ( pics to follow) with the rest of the family.

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Christie M said...

We went to Chuck E Cheese recently. The girls have almost outgrown it. :) Time to take the grand kids. LOL