Thursday, January 10, 2013

It was all about these 2 on Saturday...not really because when we celebrate birthdays everyone does

Ava ( turned 6) Mya ( turned 11)

You might be wondering why in the middle of winter are the girls dressed in bathing suits....the theme for the party was a summer or beach theme. What do you wear at the beach but a swim suit :)

Everything was in pairs...both got a brand new bike ( they were bought on sale months ago and hidden) . New bikes are not typical here. People have loved on our family by sharing their used and outgrown bikes with us which we have always been grateful for. These new bikes were just so cheap and both girls needed the next size bike. 

We sang to all 3 b-day kids :)

and because it was a summer party we had a 
Chocolate fondue- and it was yummy! We danced to music and played some games too.

Like I said ...even though it was their day we all get to have fun and celebrate. Sharing joy and celebrating life is important in our family. Everyone gets just as excited as the birthday person because we all know it benefits all of us :)

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