Thursday, January 24, 2013

I love when we get blessed by the unexpected...

We have been studying birds in our science. I was sitting in a room I don't usually teach in because the littles were doing play dough and were very loud this am.. We were going over the parts of a bird and I looked out the window and saw this hawk. It was am amazing site. I told Josiah to get the camera and told all the kids to look out the window quietly so we did not scare the hawk away. We watched him as he actually sited a bird ( sparrow) and followed it into the bushes...The sparrow got away and then the hawk flew into our large blue spruce and came out with a bird. Then about 10 minutes later I went outside to check on a dog that was running loose ( our neighbors dog) and I spotted the hawk again sitting on the weeping cherry tree stalking again.

It is so bitterly cold outside . We even had snow and getting more tomorrow. Our wind chills are to dangerous for us to let anyone go outside...and a hungry hawk shows up in our front peace garden where we feed the birds. We even got to look up our hawk and have identified it as a Coopers Hawk. What a educational am it was and it came to us naturally.

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