Saturday, February 1, 2014

New names - thoughts on adoption ( especially older children)

Ok they have been home now for 10 days but honestly it feels like forever. So easy a transition for everyone. Taking a chance on an older child with a traumatic background is not always something most families would choose...but following God's will for your family is something we should always choose. I am so glad that has been His will for our family ( many times actually to step into an adoption of an older child). These children want families just like the cute sweet little babies or toddlers. Heartbreaking how many older children there are...and so few families for them saying yes.

Let me tell you what you miss out on if you never consider adoption and especially if you never consider an older child...

Seeing lives redeemed is higher than any middle aged material thing we could buy.

Watching a teenager discover themselves and liking who they are.

Being a part of restoring the self esteem of a child who had it destroyed .

Watching tears of pain turn into joy when they discover the love of Jesus for them.

Being part of a plan that is way bigger than our own selfish plans and seeing the Lord provide.

Smiles and bigger smiles as a child knows they are loved and wanted.

Hugs and desiring more hugs from you because they can't seem to get enough of your touch.

Seeing the realization of their "'knowing" that no matter what - you love them...a certainty they never felt before from anyone.

Watching a strong and fiercely deep family bond develop in children who are not related biologically but they know they are a family.

Being used by God for His plan and caring like Jesus does for the unlovable.

Having your faith stretched beyond anything you can imagine....falling but, when you get up knowing you walked the walk that you talked.

Having a peace develop your soul that only was given thru a close relationship with Jesus ...because some days life is lived with an intensity that is the only way you could do it.

Seeing love blossom and grow.

I could go on and I pray that some of you would desire some of the above and step out in faith to adopt.

Emmanuel and Papaye came to us the other nite and asked for new names. They not only wanted new names but they wanted us to name them . My heart was broken for I knew what this meant to here they are : Levi James and Grace Helen.

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MARY B. said...

So beautifully expressed! I love how your children so easily welcome a new brother or sister into the family. Even our kids will say they wish they were a Briggs! I'll be partial to liking the names you choose as my middle name is also Helen :-).
Love you all! Mary