Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Veggie garden is in....We have high expectations for our yield

Everything is all planted now...We finished what we started Mothers Day. Now we just provide water, fertilizer, weeding and tilling the soil ...By July we should start to reap what we have sown. The soil we plant in is naturally great soil here. Our property was an old apple orchard for over 40 yrs...There are not to many rocks and the soil is not hard but easy to dig in. The color is a natural dark brown....So we usually have wonderful success with anything we put in the ground. Take this maple tree planted by our play area. It was a small sapling of a tree when we first put it in the ground 10 yrs ago...and now look it provides lots of shade for the kids to play under....

I think the choices we make in life are like my description of our garden and yard...First we chose the soil we plant our lives in - rocky, sandy or good soil like my garden. Then we choose what waters our garden of it living water that Jesus speaks of or is it the polluted waters of this world ? Filling our minds or hearts with worry, frustration, anger, striving after material things or is it the peace given to us by our relationship with our Savior , Jesus ? Do we surround our lives with people who encourage our Godly thoughts to grow like a fertilzer promotes the growth of a plant. Do we till our life with the tilllings of hard work and even good acts but not a life of service to His Will . Do we serve ourselves by our lives and  follow every wind that blows across our path to follow our dreams our ideas of success ? Or are we happy with the following His Will wherever it leads...following with open hearts to be obedient to things we just are not comfortable doing but willing to go wherever He leads ?

I know this is where I want to be...some days I do follow willingly and some days I fail . I want to be like the " Blessed man " in Psalm 1:1 to 3 who is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers. So we will be reaping what we sow...I want to prosper in all I do...because I am following His Will and not my own. I want my life to yield to the Lord and to yield much fruit  just like our expectations are for our veggie garden.

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Christie M said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful garden! Unfortunately, this year, we are not going to have a garden again. I am not getting around very well right now, and there is no way I could even hold a hoe without a lot of pain.....
The girls might do some small time gardening, but that is about it for us. :(
It looks lovely! I love working with dirt. There is something relaxing about it. Just don't care for the weeds.