Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keith my son in law rocks

Keith, Mary Kate's husband called me to say to take the girls out to eat and Mary Kate and he would take care of Andrew. Now if you have ever come over you know that is no small feat...even feeding him can take some funny things to put up with. Andrew eats the same amounts of food and the same food we eat . It is just run thru the blender . If you remember he was bottle fed until last Oct.. He sometimes gets very excited when you feed him and will sputter his mouth so you end up wearing some of the food. I think Keith is pretty awesome- one to offer us a nite out, and 2 to offer to take care of Andrew....by the way Andrew loved it. Keith was talking like Cate would and Andrew would laugh.
Looking at Andrew in this picture he is getting some belly and chub on him :) His vomiting has lessened lots but still he has some reflux so on Tuesday we go back to the hospital for the Upper GI study. His last stool sample came back neg. for H. Pyloria. This is his second one post meds.....So we are praying he is over that.

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