Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daddy is home :)

Paul was on a business trip and came home tonite...The kids were thrilled that daddy came home. I love how they greet him...and he missed them too. Mya and Luke have been busy coloring pictures while he was gone...After he picks the ones he wants they plan to set up a table outside and sell the rest :)

When my first group of kids ( who are now grown and have kids of their own) were little the girls drew a bunch of pictures and set up a table to sell their pictures...Now who else besides their own momma and daddy would even be interested in the pictures...Grandad ( my dad) heard and drove by our house ( they only lived 10 min. away) and he bought them all for 10.00. Made my girls so happy :) So if you are around our neck of the woods in the next couple of days... you might be tempted to purchase some very good colored pictures :)

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eliz said...

Darn!! I wish I lived closer!!
Beautiful pictures!!