Sunday, May 22, 2011

Upward Soccer Saturday

We have played sports before with the local rec. league here where we live...including soccer. However we quickly realized that did not fit to well with our family ( too many reasons to go into here). We have been attending New Life Church and they participate in a program called Upward Sports which includes, soccer, touch football and basketball. We put 7 of the kids in it this Spring to try it. So far it is working out for us. Saturday we went to the games. Seven of the kids are divided into 3 diff. teams..and yesterday some of them played each other. Of course Paw Paw  ( daddy) taking the littles to the snack table was fun for them.  I loved watching them and it is always so funny to hear the comments about our very large family when we go out with most of the kids :) We hear lots of can you believe they have that many kids ?. There are 27 children in that look at them...We never hear any negative comments . Most of time they are comments that people can't believe there are this many children in one family. I know even for some of you ...but to Paul and I it just seems natural .

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