Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just being with them is gift enough for this momma

Happy Mothers Day ! I hope you moms had a special day....I know for me it does not take much to warm my heart. To have my kids home with me was special enough. As your children grow up you miss them. Since I have married kids who I don't get to see often...I know the value of our time together. I miss Laura Jeane, Jenn , Molly and their families but I am grateful for my loved ones who I do get to spend time with today. Each one of my 27 children is a blessing and a gift to me. I wish we could all be together but glad for the phone calls and cards...and the time with the ones I had at home. We did not do anything special...Church, ate, basketball- knock out , soccer, and because it was so warm we had a squirt gun battle. Mya, Luke and Ava played hair dressers . They were coloring their hair :) It was just special being together.

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