Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Daddy has been "Home" 2 yrs today

Today is the 2nd year since my daddy died. I can't say that it gets any easier as the time goes by because in some ways it has gotten harder. I still can not revisit memories of my parents without getting to the point of an all out crying session. When I talk with my older kids - especially my girls it is the same way for them...wonderful memories of grandad and grandmother- mom and daddy.
I often wish for more time - I want to curl up in his lap, hold his hand, hear his voice and laughter...Have him tease and kid with us like no one else . I want to be able to share in the joy of watching all his grandchildren grow up ( and now there are some who will never personally know them)...He loved children and was the most patient person I knew. I miss them both and I am grateful for them having been my parents.

The top picture is of my parents when they first were married...The rest were taken the Sept. before he died in May at my niece, Katie's wedding. He loved being surrounded by the kids and in that pic. we only had part of the kids with us at the wedding. In the bottom picture he is watching the dancing at the reception...He and my mother loved to dance...I often wonder if they are up in Heaven now dancing.


Jodi said...

Oh Jeane, he looked like such a wonderful man!!! SO SWEET <3

Thinking of you....and wishing you are together again soon.

Jennifer Hambrick said...

thanks i needed more tears this morning =) just kidding, i love remembering what a great grandad he was. i miss him too.

Crystal said...

You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed reading your blog.
Big higs as you remember your precious father.