Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home 5 weeks and life could not be sweeter- "Mommyee, Daddyee"

They have now been home with us for 5 weeks...I always say it takes about 6 weeks for the initial transition of a new life ( born or adopted ) to feel "normal". They are sleeping and eating well and going with the flow of our family naturally. I think we have reached that point where life before the new children is hard to remember. These 3 have come so easily into all of our hearts. We all have not only welcomed them but just can't imagine our lives without them. They bring so much joy to the day...watching them enjoy their life with us, discover new things, and just there personalities fit our family. I love how the Lord always knows what is best for us instead of us trying to control . They all 3 refer to their new names and they also call each other by their new names. They have always called Paul and I - "Daddyee" and Mommyee" and that is such a precious sound to our ears.

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