Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today's pics are all around food for some reason.....Celebrating 2 weeks home today !

 Mya loves to help feed Andrew

 Keith had a huge hamburger that Mady wanted

 Finally snack time - Issac made the snack today and all the rest seemed to love his concoction of "gorp". Even our 3 from Ghana....Who happen to have been home now for 2 weeks today. It has been a great 2 weeks with them.

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MARY B. said...

Hi Jeane,
It's hard to imagine even more of God's love shining around in your home! But it's true! He's there and in a B.I.G. way! 2 weeks...the past 1.5 years seem like yesterday although each set-back and struggle are like distant memories to me (probably not to you). Those set backs became more and more hazy as you got closer and closer to adoption day. We're so excited for you joy...all 3...all 27 of your blessings! Looking forward to meeting the 3 newest Briggs. Love in Christ, Mary B