Monday, July 11, 2011

This is the group of kids who left for camp today- Mya's "dream" come true

We took Luke, Josiah, Caleb, Lily and Mya to Camp Joy El today. This is a first for the 5 of them and me. We have thru the yrs sent diff. kids to this camp and feel it is money well spent. They not only have a fun time but the spiritual growth that happens is something we just can't pay enough for. This is where many of our children have given their lives to Christ . I have high hopes for these 5 and a sense of peace that they will be changed when we pick them up on Friday. Thank you to Joy El for the generous scholarship to be able to send not only these 5 but the older 4 girls and next week the 4 middle school age ones. Camp is not cheap and with sending 13 children for a week we could not afford this but for the help given by Joy El and Mary Kate and Keith. They gave us money in support of the kids going to camp too...Thank you guys too for giving to us and loving us as you do so selflessly. I know you know the huge change the kids experience there so it is all worth the money it costs and we are thankful for your support.

On the way I had the 5 campers in my van. Paul drove the 15 passenger with some of the others. The kids were so excited and talking up a storm... When they saw the camp from afar I hear Mya say, " My dream come true." It made me cry to hear her....for two reasons...One she is or was our "baby" and as her dream is coming true my heart is breaking because she has grown up. Now I am happy she has but still I remember our sweet little one who came home to us at 13 months weighing just ll lbs and paralyzed...and look at her now...My tears are also tears of joy that she actually can go to camp. I still have to fight my momma's urge to want to protect her and be there for her... time for her to step out and experience some life without me... I made all 5 an encouragement pak for them to open one message a day from us...Just to let them know we are praying and to encourage them to be lights for Jesus but I will be thrilled when Friday eve. comes and we an pick them up....

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Penny said...

You have a very generous friend and family. So sweet that they helped send your children to camp. :) How amazing that Mya has come so far! What a testimony of faith your family is! :)