Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let's just say that we are still learning...but getting better

We are still learing how to do their hair. We have gone on some good sites and I have talked to a friend and my daughter. Their hair is getting longer and so we tried something with Lila's hair. Actually Leah is. I don't do hair well but Leah is good. So she has offered to do their hair. This was her first attempt on Lila's hair and she did pretty good. She is still a cutie pie.

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Jamie said...

I think it is adorable! Once you get the hang of it doing the hair becomes a great bonding thing! It is one on one time! We sit in the family room and as I do each childs hair I talk to them and we giggle and just connect! I am by no means perfect at it either! If you put enough barrettes in it no one seems to notice crooked parts! I always try to change around where the parts are too, so that the hair on the part line doesn't break and get thin in that area. BTW Beautiful Beautiful Children you have!