Saturday, July 16, 2011

I should have listened :)

Joseph, Cate , Mary Kate and I went to NC this week. They were having the huge consignment sale that they do twice a year . It is by Jenn's and we try to make it when they do because it is such a great deal and we have lots of fun. I am like a kid in a candy store ( I love books and anything child related and they have both at reasonable prices or even better). We had a choice to come in the truck or my van....Obviously I should have listened ....Joseph really wanted to take the truck ( all the guys love it) and even Jeremiah was teasing me when we were packing to leave for home . We were packed full and then some :) We made it home though with everything we bought and Lila is modeling some of what I bought. I purchased bike helmets for the 3 new ones and this heart purse filled with girlie things like the glasses that she is wearing...Funny thing is all 3 kids love wearing the helmets all the time- even when they are not riding a bike. I was able to get a bike for Isaiah for his b-day . It cost only 10 dollars. He loves riding bikes and will be thrilled when he gets his very own bike on his birthday. They have no concept of what a birthday is- except they saw us celebrate Josiah's b-day . I also got several trucks and garage toys for him as well for cheap- way below the cost of the original price. He will play for hours with our cars and trucks. He will be getting a garage and a racing platform to race 3 matchbox cars on too. I got about 8 presents for him and it did not cost me 20 dollars and most of them look brand new :)  They also sell clothing but I never can get into buying all my kids clothes . It is too overwhelming with the number of children we have but it would be worth it too try sometime...So for now I just randomly search for things in that part. If you are in the Raleigh/Durham area it is worth the trip to go to...Today it is open to the public and tomorrow things are half off. It is held at the fair grounds.

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ArtworkByRuth said...

What precious finds! I love the pink!