Thursday, October 27, 2011

Really who has a calendar by their toilet ?

 My days , my weeks and my months of the year are filled with appointments. Since we have adopted so many special needs children seeing specialists, therapists, having surgeries ( at least 94 in 8 yrs) for our children my life is often ruled by my calendar. I am ocd I have to admit it is me who has placed a calendar by our toilet :) as well as there is one in the kitchen and this smaller one in my purse ( suitcase :) Actually as I have shared before our life is best described by the word intense. We never do something that is normal or above the top ....This past week I have had at least 2 appt.s every day or today I was at Hopkins most of the day with Andrew's procedure. This week we had some very significant appts. and I am anxious to get the results of today's biopsies and some of the evaluations that were done. The week that was more blank was the week my "grand" babies from NC came and of course Nana cleared her calendar for my sweethearts . I once had a doctor who saw my calendar suggest an electronic app. for my phone....Unfortunately I am more of a paper person...I like a paper calendar in my hands ....I just need to see my goings and comings when I start my day and when I end it upstairs in the bathroom  :)

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Christie M said...

My schedule is nothing like yours! But it is busy. My husband finally convinced me to go electronic. I LOVE it! I didn't think I would, but I do.AND there is this alarm that goes off to remind me...:)