Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is what else was going on Friday....

 Keith's sister, Jenny is my hair stylist...she is such a sweetheart she comes over every now and then to cut the girls hair and some of the boys. Although Leah usually takes care of the boys. She also is teaching Leah how to do hair and we love when she comes....This day she was cutting the girls hair to send to Locks of Love...We had 8 pony tails we sent off. I will take pics of the girls who got their hair cut for this. They are so cute with their new hair styles and hopefully someone will benefit as well from their locks.

 I had candy jewelry the kids were making...of course "daddy" Keith had to help Mady before she ate her whole necklass before it was made :)

 Isaac found a tie in Aunt Elizabeth's clothes and tried his best to tie one by himself.

We had a great visit today with Aunt Elizabeth before she headed home. My brother, Johnny and his son John made it over to see her. She was saddened she did not get to visit with Laura Jeane or Molly who live here but that was their loss. She is 85 yrs as I shared and we have been so blessed with her in our lives.

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