Thursday, October 27, 2011

Praising God for being with our son Jacob this am when he totalled his car

In my previous post today I spoke about how intense our life is. When I posted it this accident had already happened. Jacob was late going to work and was driving too fast . He lost control of his car spun twice, hit a telephone pole and cracked it in half and the car landed on its side. He had to climb out of the back window. Fortunately there was no one coming in the on coming lane ( a miracle here because it is a crowded area). No one was hurt...he says he is OK just has a headache. Thankfully it worked out the way it did but he has no car now...His was totalled .

The bottom pic is Andrew today in post op. He was so sweet and unusually cuddly...but tonite while I was out to dinner and Christmas shopping with Mary Kate they called to say he was running a fever of 103. I ran home to check and I called the on call doctor...He is not concerned yet but I am exhausted and I am waiting to give him a dose of ibuprophen at midnite. We gave him tylenol at 10 but had to see from the doctor about the ibuprophen are not suppose to give ibuprophen after this procedure. Dr. said it was fine since it is a better fever reducer so I am up waiting to give him that because with a bath , and took off his blanket sleeper and tylenol it has not changed in 1hr. and 15 min.....

Now this day may seem a bit full for some people but to be honest many of our days are filled with huge events like this....Praise God for meeting us and providing in all areas of our life. It is intense and full all the time but I would not have it any other way.

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