Thursday, October 13, 2011

What do you do with 23 kids at home on a rainy day ?

 And you are longing to be outside ?

 If your Andrew you climb up on the window sill and try to get out there :) Silly guy.

 I have an old exercise video ( used it with my first group of kids who are adults now) called I am Wonderfully Made. We put it on and they exercise ( or get out some energy :) . They love doing it and actually beg me to put it on daily for them. I don't to save it for rainy or snowy days because if the weather is nice they are outside for hours playing.

What are some of your ideas when it rains and your kids need to move ? We also put music on and they love to dance but I already showed you those pictures.....

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Christie M said...

The girls have an instructional ballet dvd and love to dance with it. :)
Cooking is fun... but we couldn't fit 23 kids into our kitchen! LOL We'd have to cook in shifts. We also have a large front porch that they play on when it is raining. They even roller skate on it.