Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some of us want to loose weight and some like to gain it......

 This is Leah...she is always trying to gain weight...A couple times a year we see how much everyone weighs and how tall they are. Last nite we did and Leah had on some baggy sweat pants full of these...trying to fool me :)

 We mark their heights on the door.

 I had a picture of the chart and the names but to protect the privacy of some of my kids I told them I would only share part of it :)   Girls

This was the group home last nite when we took the heights and weights... We have 23 still at home. We were just missing the boys, Joseph, Jacob and Ben who were at work and college.


Eva said...

What a great picture! I wish I could donate some unwanted weight to Leah! :) That reminds me, I need to buy a battery for our scale and do our beginning of the year (oh well, close enough) stats. Blessings, Eva

Grandma~rella said...

Your family is sooo beautiful and I am truly blessed to have found your sweet blog. Have been following you now for about six weeks and can honestly say, my heart feels the true love in your precious home. Thank you soooo much, for sharing your lives with those of us who only dream of enjoying the sweetness and blessings of having a large family. Keeping each of you in thought and prayer... and sending many, many BIG (((HUGS)))
G'Ma Rella in Oregon <3