Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating 15 Years of Isaac

Yesterday we celebrated Issac's 15th birthday. He went to the Outback with Joseph on Friday nite. Paul and I took him to breakfast Sat. am and then to Walmart where he picked out his bike...As I shared in an earlier post bike riding is big here now. Our younger boys have grown out of their first smaller bikes and it seems like each birthday this is what they are choosing. ( They pay half the cost of the bike). I had been buying steak over the past months and we had enough to grill them for his dinner and they were great. Maybe we eat a steak once or twice a year . So when we do it makes it more special. His dessert of choice was lemon lush . Naty made peanut butter rice krispie treats as well. We had a great time to celebrate his precious life. I can't believe you are this old. You are becoming a fine yg. man of God.


Jennifer Hambrick said...

Wow...15 seems to hard to wrap my head around. It seems like he was just the little Frodo stepping off the plane in my mind =)! Happy Birthday Isaac...we love you!!!

Christie M said...

Happy Birthday Isaac~!

Penny said...

Happy Birthday to Isaac~ a very handsome young man. :)