Monday, April 2, 2012

It's beginning to feel alot like spring...

 We have one of our pools open and running now.

 Kids outside hanging out because it is warm...

 The fountains are out and running and the hammock is up and has been played on endlessly already.

 The trampolines get used all year but we got a new one in the Fall and just put it up 2 wks ago... Crazy I know we have 2 pools and 2 trampolines but it works great with the number of kids using them and the wide range of ages that they are.

 We spend alot time out back when it gets warm.

 This is our crazy dog, Willi- He loves to carry our firewood logs around in his mouth. Then he lays it down . So we have logs all over the deck and the yard.

 I love these pics...typical lab with his "toy" and a ball.

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Christie M said...

It is warm already here too! Mike and the girls are getting the boat ready to launch. That pool looks REFRESHING!