Friday, April 27, 2012

Difficult week here but our hope is renewed every morning

This week has been a tough week here. I asked for your prayers on Monday for Kofi to be able to get the passports for our children in Ghana. He needs the Ghana passports for the US embassy to put their visa in it so they can come into the US. The embassy very graciously gave us an expedited exit interview on Wednesday. Kofi has known for over 6 wks that we were going to need those passports and Tuesday came and went. So did Wed. and finally early on Thursday am - 1 am I heard from him that he did not get the passports . So we did not have our exit appt. on Wed....and Kofi never was able to communicate with us either until Thursday. Have you ever waited for some important news or something to happen and days go by and you don't know what is going on ? We were very excited that we could have traveled maybe as early as next week to pick up the kids. We even called the travel agency, made tenative childcare plans and finished the kids rooms and clothes buying...Everything was ready but Kofi and the documents we needed in Ghana. I can't even tell you how disappointed we were . I know from our other adoptions in other countries this part of the process has happened as quickly as one day- even for the adoption when we brought home 5 unrelated children. So the embassy part in Ghana is very different from our other countries we have adopted from. The passport issue in Ghana is complicated by a voter registration and the Ghanians need a there has been a rush to get passports. Last year we got caught in this same part for months with a change in the passport process...and now this :( We heard from Kofi last nite that he got the passports but there was a mistake on 2 of them and so we are waiting again ....Because of Samuel's health issues you think we could get this passport part done. This lets you in on the value of a child's life - not happening to quickly . This is one of the many times it makes me love being a US citizen. Because here they care and we could as we did get our adoption docs. expedited....but as they say , " When in Ghana we play by their rules". This is always been a hard part of the adoptions.

We also feel like we have egg on our face so to speak with the state dept...because they were extremely helpful in moving our adoption process at the embassy expedited and then we have this. It actually was embarrassing. I don't want to be seen as a "typical pushy " adoptive parent just trying to get our kid home sooner. We have a very legit medical issue that has caused a life threatening issue at least 3 times for our son and we still can't get him home...So please pray that Kofi is able to get the passports and we get another embassy appt. - next week with a visa print date then too.

We can't predict when we will need to be comforted. We can't always control what happens to things that are important to us. Sometimes I want to scream even - when something happens or doesn't that affects the life of a child. I usually keep my emotions in but this week it has been hard...Realizing that I am not in control and knowing without a doubt who is can be difficult when it involves a child. No matter our situation, we can always pray. God wants us to communicate with him at all times. He wants to be a constant, loving presence in our lives...and I have called on Him frequently this week.

Psalm 42:11 Why am I so sad? Why am I so troubled ? I will put my hope in God, and once again I will praise Him, my savior and my God.

Will you please join us in praying for the passports and our embassy part of our adoption in Ghana?


Jodi said...

Praying you get them home soon, Jeane <3 <3

Christie M said...

We will pray them home!

Loretta said...

We too wait. St. Petersburg Russia has all but stopped processing dossiers so we too wait.
It is so hard. It will be two years of work for us and we are no closer.
I so understand your frustration.
I will pray.

Stacey said...

You have come to mind on different occassions this past week. I KNOW you are on God's heart too. Praying for all of you and protection for your little ones until they are home.