Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lemons to Lemonade or Ice Cream should be enjoyed......

We are winding down our school this week . I took the kids to Walmart and we discovered lots of different food. Then we chose some of them to bring home and see what they were made of and to taste them. Our kids from Ghana call all meat chicken for some reason and it was interesting when we found pigs feet and a cows tongue- I am not much of a meat eater and I certainly would not eat either of these. Everyone else here was just as excited about them too :) Some of what we tasted were a coconut, a fruit much like an orange ( we all think the orange is better) called a Uniq and a plantain to compare to the banana. Each one then picked out a lemon and at home they made their own cup of lemonade and loved sucking on the lemon peel.

We decided to finish school this week since Paul and I are traveling and when we come home with the new ones - no one will be at all interested in doing an algebra problem or writing lesson- Everyone will want to play with their new siblings! So like when you are given lemons in life you can make lemonade but this week were given " ice cream" ( something glorious - with the news we can bring home our children) you lick it and enjoy it :)