Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We do enjoy our pools... and Sari is starting to blossom

This is a favorite of Kloe's

We have lots of poolside "lifeguards"

We see Sari smile more each day....She is learning how to play and she relaxes into things that a little girl playing, toys and being a child. It was a little hard at first for her not to take care of her brothers ( I am sure she had the responsiblity for them) as well as working...but we now see her enjoy being a kid and it is very rewarding to watch as she discovers this side of herself.


Penny said...

So sweet for Sari to get to be a little girl now! :)
What's the total number of kids you and your hubby have now? I know there are five bio kids, but I've lost count on the others now. lol
I think when I first found your blog, you had just gotten Andrew and Gracie. Where those the last two before the Ghana adoptions? I'm lost. ;)

mommajeane said...

Hi Penny,

We now have 30 children. 26 are still at home :) Yes, Gracie and Andrew were the 2 before we adopted from Ghana. Almost every year since 2002 we have adopted...Our first adoption was Abraham 27 yrs ago to these last 3 last week :) with our 5 bio. in there too.