Friday, May 27, 2011

Roller Skating Fun

Yesterday one of our doctors- Dr. Toothman had a skating party for all of his patients and their families. It was a blast for the kids. We are so blessed to have wonderful doctors who love kids...Thank you for a special time Dr. Toothman and Barra. We loved it. They had prizes too and Rachel and I both won a 25 dollar gift card at Best Buy. I was surprised at how well they all did...Mya and Luke even got the hang of it. Gracie well lets say even being at the very loud rink was not a favorite of hers....So she sat by Andrew and momma and watched after she tried going around. She was to sensory overloaded by the experience and was happy being by momma.

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Christie M said...

How Fun! I can understand Gracie getting overwhelmed with loud skate rink noise! :) We have birthdays coming up.... somebody wants to go roller skating. :)