Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bike ride on the canal - Priceless

Joseph is such a sweet older brother. This is his day off and he decided to take all the boys to the canal for a bike ride. We live just 5 miles from the C and O Canal and it has a wonderful, shady trail to walk or ride a bike. So he piled the bikes in and off they go ...My words after , " Have fun " were, " I don't want any phone calls from the ER :) " That picture of Luke and Isaiah just melts my heart....and people wonder why we choose to surround ourselves with a zillion kids. To see the face of joy and excitement on a child's face is something you can't pay enough money to ever get...simple, child like wonder- priceless. Watching the "child whisperer" , big brother, Joseph take it upon himself to love on his little brothers on his day off- priceless.


Jennifer Hambrick said...

He is a GREAT big brother...and yes, that picture of the two boys is awesome! What cuties =)

MARY B. said...

Hi Jeane,

I can tell Luke and Isaiah are brothers...they have the same smile :)...Blessings!