Saturday, July 9, 2011

Popsicle time- Yummy ! Ghana kids update and Gracie flourishing

Seeing them eat a very American snack and you can tell they are loving life. Honestly life with them has been very fun and so much easier than we expected. They have transitioned well into our family. They will have been home 3 weeks this coming Tuesday and we have gotten so attached in such a short time. I often wonder how the Lord knows the child that is so going to " fit" into our family....Often ones we ourselves may not have chosen at first but it seems that we work thru the issues and life goes well after the transitions for the most part we have had very easy transitions when the new child/children have come to our family. I  feel like my dreams have come true when I look at the faces of my children ...I could not picture a better life for me as the momma to 27 children. Just watching our children blossom and develope into all the Lord desires has been an awesome journey...even when my choices for them are different than the paths they chose.

One very positive observation we have made is how having these 3 new children has spurred Gracie into being more social and playful. We are not sure why because she is always surrounded by lots of children but for some reason since they have been home she is making more sounds and doing them louder...words we can recognize. She also for the first time last nite was playing imaginary play at Mary Kate's house in Ava's play kitchen. She was cooking and baking - cracking eggs in a bowl and mixing and then baking her "food". She also wants to be included in Mya, Ava, Luke's and the 3 new ones play....she will initiate some interaction like taking their hands on purpose. She also will come and tell on one of them when they do something wrong....Who ever would have thought this would happen but it has been a very positive thing for us to watch Gracie come out more.


Difference2This1 said...

Thank you for sharing this's great to get to "see" how everyone is settling in!! :) Blessings, Jennifer

Christie M said...

Oh that is just marvelous!!!!!! I can't wait to hear a video of Gracie talking someday. :)

Hope Harder said...

The kids are super adorable. Glad to hear they are doing so well!