Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blessed...that is how we feel tonite

Besides being very close to traveling to Ghana to get our 3 children ( hoping in the next few weeks and maybe sooner) we have been blessed by the generosity of the Lord's provision thru the hearts of others....It started when a neighbor who is a truck driver had too much load and she shared the excess with us....It was lots of chocolate soy milk( sorry no pics we drank it very fast) and 20 some of these whip creams- yummy. We never buy chocolate milk or these special whip cream bottles so it was a treat being able to eat and drink something that just is not in our budget. Then today another neighbor brought over lots of food with special treats- the kids went wild. Paul and I just smile. Then today in the mail we got a card from some old friends ( from 20 yrs ago) ...I had sent out an Easter letter this year instead of a Christmas one....and these friends responded today ....and it warmed our hearts and they included a check to encourage us and it did. The Lord has blessed us and we are thankful for the many of you who read my blog and pray for us as well.


junglemama said...

Awesome! This post made me smile!

Stacey said...

Just look at the Lord's provision! He is an amazing God! Praying today for you exit interview, trusting that there will be no delay and that VISAs will be immediately in your possession! Thanks be to God who always gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!