Friday, May 25, 2012

Some pics that make me smile from the last few days....

 Together at last...and learning about each other....



 Judah is so oral that I decided to give him a paci...and he loves it.

 Andrew has been a happy guy...

 Jesse playing with Joseph

 Momma and Nana

 Rita/Sari is starting to smile more...and that just warms my heart to see.

 Who could resist these baby blues....


MARY B. said...

Hello Jeane,
These photos make me smile too :).
I love the smile on Judah (or is it Jesse) in his pjs on the floor and the photo where Sari is looking into the camera with a smile.
Praying for a smooth homecoming for all.
Love, Mary B.

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Love the picture of the girl twins finally reunited! And those baby blues of Chloe's are quite amazing!