Monday, April 8, 2013

A window into our Easter celebration

In the am after finding their buckets

Mary Kate and Keith's first family picture

Ava and Mady

Ava and Abby





Isaiah- Yep I made a mistake it is photos on my "apple" computer come up so small I have a hard time seeing the pics sometimes...The photo part of the apple is my least favorite part of my computer...thanks for noticing Mary :)



Milo in his daddy's arms 

Milo fell asleep in momma's arms

Ben and Ana

Sorry for the amount of pics but when you have this many children you take lots of pictures. We hid 346 eggs for the younger ones to find. The weather was warm so we spent lots of time outside enjoying each other. Next year there will be 2 more Briggs :)


MARY B. said...

Awesome! Although he will undoubtedly be as big as Isaiah one day, I think that little guy in the tree is Judah...or is it Jesse? Unless they are together I can't tell them apart yet.

Christie M said...

What a wonderful group! :)

Jeane, I am so thankful for your blog and your wonderful insights on adoption.

You have a beautiful family... and I am glad to be your sister in Christ. :)

Catherine said...

Is Mary Kate pregnant?

mommajeane said...

Catherine : )