Monday, April 22, 2013

Isaac Happy 16th Birthday- Some pics thru the years

Last nite celebrating

This was when we first met Isaac in Russia- He, Lily and Jacob were our first Russian adoption ( actually from the Chechnya region in Caucus mountains ). You have heard about this region recently because the Boston bombers are from the same area. We traveled in 2002 and back then the State dept. warned us about the dangers of that region. We were not allowed to travel by ourselves...we were locked in to our apartment each day. Even with the apparent dangers we loved the area and the people we worked with . We were in Russia 28 days. Issac was 5 and a half yrs but the size of an 18 month old....We called him our little munchkin. He was also non verbal they said. 

This was our first littles group with Isaac, Lily, Mya, Luke and Josiah

Our family picture when we only had 14 children- 2 of our daughters were not in the picture because they were married.

They were a lot fun and quite the personalities....

Molly called him , " Her stud muffin"

It was fun looking thru some of the old pictures for Isaac's 16th birthday. Happy Birthday Isaac !

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Jennifer Hambrick said...

Aw, I remember that cute little elf! Can't believe he is 16!!