Saturday, April 27, 2013

We have shrunk at least for a week

Since Wednesday when Cate left with Anna, Mya , Isaiah and Joseph who drove them to NC, it has felt oddly small in our family.They are watching Jenn and Jeremiah's kids as they are in Montego Bay celebrating their 10 yr anniversary. Then we have had some helping others and next week 3 more will be gone thru Thursday. So we have shrunk and it feels odd. We don't get to eat out often or treats even like ice cream because of the cost but Paul took them up to McDonalds for ice cream tonite. Our weather has been gorgeous the last 2 days and we have eaten outside for lunch and dinner...the tables have some empty seats and the clean up, wash, cooking even is so much easier with this small group of just 16 kids....half of our family :)


Unknown said...

I will always love you mom no matter how far away I am you are a great mom and a great role model to me I learned a lot from you thanks for being a great mom for me love you always jacob

mommajeane said...

Oh Jacob…I love you too. I have a picture of me holding Lila and Isaiah on Dec. 5th when you moved to your apartment…they were crying and so was I. I know you guys have to grow up and leave but, I sure miss you not be around all the time.