Thursday, April 25, 2013

For I am going to do something in your days that you would never believe :)

My husband, Paul -married 1 yrMe in a clown ministry-pregnant with LJMy first adoption trip with Abraham from Mexico in my arms...October 1985
Our first family minus Ben....

My first children's legs in the shower at a beach house 

My first 3 children- Jenn, Molly and Laura Jeane

Our Christmas pic taken right after we got home with Joseph, Cate and Leah
This Easter picture with those at home

 A picture Molly and Mike gave to you notice the red metal circle container on the left ? It was given to me 28 yrs ago from the friend, Laura and Eliadora who were a wealthy, christian Mexican family who God used to help us get Abraham home. She gave it to me to remind me of her :) I think of her often and how the Lord used her to get Abraham out of a very dire and unsafe situation.

All of this I was reminded of today during my devotional time. I was led to read Acts 13: 13-23. While there I noticed in my very old Bible a note on the next page from 6/02. It was on the verse Acts 13:41. It was given to me to encourage Paul and I to go ahead with our adoption of our first 3 of our adoptions  that the Lord knew we could never have the next 10 plus yrs we would walk the adoption journey to bring home 26 more children into our home. Yes, He was correct, " I am going to do something in your days that you would never believe even if someone told you. " I have always loved children but , I never would have imagined being the momma to 32.

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