Thursday, April 4, 2013

Biological siblings together as they should be....

These are our 2 sets of bio. twins- Selah and Sari and Jesse and Judah. 

I took these pictures before I left for Ghana. I was putting together an album for their birth mom. I thought they were so cute that I had to share. I love them more than you can imagine and I loved sharing with their birth mom last weekend how well they are doing. We had a very sweet time being together as we both love these children. I can not imagine what she feels but my sense when we are together is not animosity but respect and a peace that settles between us as I share the pictures of her children that she gave birth to in her womb ...I think she realizes how much they are loved by me and she is happy.

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MARY B. said...

As a foster family these biological family relationships are so strained. Culturally it's different too. We've had some that went from good to bad while others have grown from bad to great. It's delicate, complicated, emotional, real,....thank you for speaking so fondly of the kids birth mom. Your family is so adorable and we all feel so privileged to be your friend!
Love, Mary