Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is how we were looking this the middle of an extremely busy week and they still are getting their school done

Cate and the twins with Kloe doing school on the tablets

Jesse practicing writing ( he at 2 yrs knows all the letters, can count to 20, identifies all colors and shapes) 

Mary Kate teaching part of her group

Doing extra work 

Some of my middles doing their own school

Sari doing a phonics program on the computer

This week has been very crazy and full of all day doctor appts. in Baltimore, 4 hrs at the pediatrician with Mary Kate and her 2 new ones for blood in thier urine and sweet Abby running a fever of 105 for a few days ( more on that later) , one IEP meeting for Gracie, getting fingerprinted and a home study visit in for our adoption and it is only Wednesday....So our school has been going even with all of this and me being gone. I love that we can run this efficiently even without me being in our home consistently for these past few days....My family has been wonderful with all the stuff we have had going on. We are hoping to send Paul or both of us back to Ghana in May to deliver our dossier. Just waiting on the clearances to come in this week or next.


Stacey said...

Congratulations on adding to your family again! =)

MARY B. said...

Wow! Love the Boss Your Heart T-shirt Mary Kate!!!
Our week wasn't heart that busy and it's been hard getting school in! Love, Mary

Christie M said...

Wonderful busy news! :)
So nice to be able to leave and know things will run well.

Catherine said...

I noticed the Boss your heart shirt too!

Catherine said...

I noticed the boss your heart shirt too!