Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celebrating the day of Keith's birth was fun- yummy food and more dancing

 Celebrating Keith's 25th b-day with chip beef gravy over biscuits, quiche, applesauce and berry jubilee with ice cream was yummy...but my favorite part was when we found some music from Ghana and the dancing began. We must be in a dancing crazy and I love it.

Milo is doing so well - home for 4 weeks now.

Amazing how easily Abby and Ava have bonded.

Daddy with his little boy and new fishing hat.

Abby was very excited to celebrate her daddy's birthday tonite. I love the ease that these 2 grand children have transitioned into the family. They have easily walked into Keith's and Mary Kate's family and don't blink an eye with the mega grand family of aunts and uncles....Happy Birthday Keith .

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