Friday, February 11, 2011

2 of my stinkers got caught... Well 3... :)

Mya and Luke both have some major orthopedic issues... Luke's right leg was fully attached to his back like an accordian and his l leg was webbed and he had a clubfoot...Mya had polio and was paralyzed on her l side and right arm... They both have had some major surgeries and lots of physical therapy. But as you can see when they want to go somewhere or do something....nothing stops them....They decided to warm their peanut butter sandwiches in the microwave the other day...You can also see the 3d accomplish peeping around the legs of Luke :)


Andrea said...

Aw how cute!

Christie M said...

LOL! So cute!

Kathleen said...

Jon Felipe is partially paralyzed on one side and walks with a brace. He would be right up there with your three. Independence is a good thing, right :-)