Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Little Guy goes to the GI Specialist Wed....

Finally the day has come for Andrew's appt. at the GI specialist. I am anxious to find out or rule out any problems with his GI. He has actually been better for the past 5 days- spitting up and vomiting way less to none. Of course because we are going to the doctor tomorrow... Isn't that the way it always is with the kids ? Here he is standing next to Cate as she makes his lunch. He is eating well and now will even eat and enjoy diff. temperatures of food . So we don't have to warm his yougart or applesauce now. We still mix some of it in a blender but it is chunky... even meats and all from a spoon. I will share when we get back from Baltimore what we find....prayers for some answers would be greatly appreciated.
We have started a routine at nite where we all sing the song Shimamarink e dink a dink....to him . He loves it... He always has loved this song since the first time I sang it to him in Bulgaria but he really loves it when we all sing it to him right before his bedtime :)

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