Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In a few days he should have lots to be smiling about :)

Our GI specialist called this am to share Andrew was positive for H. Pyloria and some reflux as well. So we have 3 medicines for our little guy that should help him....We are excited to have a definitive diagnosis and we pray that these medicines do their stuff so our sweet little guy can return to his happy old self again.


Christie M said...

I H Plyori contagious like Giardia?
So glad you have a diagnosis. He is always such a happy guy in his pictures. That smile is amazing.

Amanda said...

YAY....for happy babies!!!

mommajeane said...

Christie...It is not exactly contagious like giardia they say. We have had giardia in several of our adopted kids and they shared :) even with me :)

Here is a part of an article that explains the contagious part. If your immune system is not healthy they say that is when this bacteria can be.

"it's only contagious when YOUR immune system is poor and you are susceptible to it. In fact, one study uses the term 'Failure of the Immune System' to describe those who get an H pylori infection.

Read more:"