Sunday, February 6, 2011

He can be so darn cute

He had a great day yesterday...mostly all day. Last nite this shows how much he loves when we sing "his" song- shimmermarink a dink e dink :) I thought you might like to see what makes all the struggles worth it .


Jodi said...

Love it!

And I love seeing a little 'chub' on those cheeks :)

When I think of his life, and where he'd be if you hadn't given him the gift of family....well, it's not even something I want to think about!

what a treasure.

Jennifer Hambrick said...

i think that is the first time i've seen a smile on his face. precious!

Christie M said...

Hi Jeane,
There is a special award waiting for you on my blog... with instructions. :)


eliz said...

Ever since I first saw his photos on your blog, I thought he was such a handsome little guy. I love his hair, his coloring, his face. As my Greek Auntie Lena used to say to me :o) I could just eat him up!! (((HUG)))

Kelly said...

What great pictures of your little man! Love to see him smiling and laughing!