Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freezing Rain can be beautiful....

It is the first week of February and we woke up to yet another winter storm. This time it was freezing rain and it is suppose to turn into all rain as the day goes. The kids starting to bring me pieces of very pretty ice that had frozen to things and they were commenting about how pretty everything was with this coating of ice :) It is and as usual we can sometimes get so caught up in the circumstances we forget to see the real beauty of life......
Meaning often for me I want something so bad and it is not happening on my time schedule - It can be an adoption, the health of a child, a call back for some information, a new job opportunity...many things and I can easily not see the beauty of the circumstance because I am so wrapped up in what I want... and not the Lord's will. When we first moved here 11 and a half yrs ago we were so very sad. We loved where we lived before in Roanoke, VA.. We had a beautiful home- 6 acres in the mountains of VA... lots of privacy, wildlife and a peaceful setting. We moved to a totally flat, and clear 2 acres in the panhandle of WV. We had lots of times of saddness and wishing we were somewhere else...for the first weeks we would kid each other, " We live in the " mountain state" and can't even see one mtn. from our home." Until one day driving in I happened to glance up... and I could see the chain of the mtns. and it was beautiful. We had been so despondant we never looked up . So we did not ever see the mtns. before us that we missed . It was so clear to us what had happened... the mtns. were always there... we just had our eyes on the wrong things... the negatives of our circumstances .
I am trying to settle into a peace about Winter... we still have a long way to go in this season :) and focus more on the beautiful isicles that were formed overnite and made a brillant show this am when we awoke... even the kids saw it . I can always remind myself of this time last year...Mya was in a fixator and today a yr ago Andrew fell on her and broke her tibia on that was snowing , snowing , snowing all week and we ended up with over 4 ft... We had to take Mya to Baltimore for surgery on her broken leg---got her out on Monday ... came home Tuesday in the next storm ( horrible drive home ) and she started with a fever of 104 plus....we could not get her out to the ER like our surgeon wanted because of the roads and finally the 911 ambulance got to us... Everything turned out fine that week in retrospect but it was not a week I care to reexperience again :)
However, we learned a lesson we know but seem to practice learning --- The Lord has always taken care of us. He has always provided and will.

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