Monday, February 28, 2011

A quick update on Andrew...more later tonite

After the first few days on medicine for his h pyloria and having episodes of violent vomiting .. I can share that we have had 3 days of no violoent vomiting and 2 of them were actually vomit free...He did spit up a bit during his nap today but nothing like he was last week. He does seem calmer . His appetite is not much and I would not worry about it except that he takes all of his fluids in his food from a spoon so when he refuses to eat we force him to drink with a syring every so often to get some gatorade in him. He still has very soaking wet diapers 3 times a day at least so he is fine....He won't take a bottle or cup ( sippy or anything ) ... and as I have shared he is in control with this... nothing much we can do to get him to accept other ways of drinking. We have another week on the antibiotics and 5 more on the previcid. It is the antibiotics that have caused the problems we think.
Our friend,Rachel with CF- did have her double lung transplant on Saturday. She came thru surgery exceptionally well. She knows sign language and that evening was signing with her family ( she had a trach. )---Sun. am she was even walking. They took the trach out Sat. evening and she is now in a step down unit and her sweet hubby was able to s[end the nite with her in this room--This is totally amazing and we are praising God for this. She still has a long road to recovery and we have not heard any updates today... please continue to pray for her. Her family has a special place in our hearts.


Difference2This1 said...

It's great to read Andrew is doing better!! Prayers for continued recovery for both him and your family's young friend! Blessings, Jennifer

Unknown said...

Great news on both Andrew and your friend!

Have you heard about operatic soprano Charity Tilleman-Dick, who is back to singing after a double lung trasplant? I hope Rachel's recovery will be just as wonderful as hers!

Claire said...

Hello, I have found a very cute little cartoon about adoption/fostering. I thought you and your family would like it.