Monday, March 28, 2011

A NaNa tatoo....and Happy heart sprinkles

It is not a surprise that this little one, Ava has her NaNa's heart...When I was getting ready to leave for NC to visit Jenn's family she would cry. I would talk to her and say I will be back Sat. nite...She would smile and be fine for a few minutes and then I would see her laying on the couch just crying quietly to herself..I said, " I will bring you back a surprise"...She was fine for awhile and again she was sad....So I shared one of my shirts and sprayed my perfume on it and gave her a tatoo :) I talked to mommy and asked her not to wash it off until I came home. So Ava got my NaNa tatoo to look at and remind her anytime when she needed to think of me....Boy she sure warms my heart.

Now when ever she leaves our house to go home with Daddy and Mommy she often wants to sleep over...and has a unhappy heart. So I have special sprinkles in my pantry to help....they really do work too. I just sprinkle a few on her tongue and it is amazing how quickly they work... in no time she is smiling and laughing and ready to go out the door :)

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