Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Abe and his pal Andrew :)

Andrew has always enjoyed music. We have other pictures of Andrew with Luke- one where he actually climbs into Abe's lap. The last few days Andrew has climbed out of his stroller and either stands as close to Abe or this am I looked over and Andrew had climbed under the chair that Abe was on. He stayed there for quite awhile just listening to Abraham play the piano. This is the old Andrew before he started throwing up... It has been so good to see him start to go around his home and investigate. He does seem more at peace and we hope that he settles into that .


eliz said...

what does Abe think when Andrew is under the chair? LOL!! :o)
They are so sweet, wish I could reach in and (((HUG))) them!

mommajeane said...

Thanks Eliz...Abraham is very patient with Andrew.