Friday, March 11, 2011

Update on our Ghana adoption

I wish I was able to share that we got our travel dates but I still can't....We were suppose to have the embassy exit interview this coming Monday but the kids passports are not ready...a new passport process is going on they say but still we are waiting for them... so our coordinator had to push back our appointment....Thankfully he was able to make it for Thursday 3/17 if he gets the passports in time. This is really the last hurdle but as you can tell my blog friends who have adopted before... things like this happen. It still does not make the ache in a momma's heart go away to know we are closer but in reality the embassy can take months to give the visas to you....After this adoption I have lots to share about this so stay tuned. In my opinion the embassys have way to much authority over adoptions and they really don't understand the harm to the families or the children they are suppose to be serving. It never makes sense to me why other embassys in our countries go thru this process much quicker ...I know that Ghana does not do as many adoptions but to take days for some , weeks for other families and months for some is very unsettling to me. I am thankful though this time our children are in a good foster home and they are able to go to school. Every picture update we get the kids are always smiling big...and that helps to ease the aches in our hearts. I am hoping to share some good news next week.
For us to it is causing much distress because I have at least 3 children who need surgery and I have been waiting to schedule them when we get an idea on when we will be traveling...So this delay is causing us to postpone some needed surgery... Now I know the Lord has it all worked out . It is just something that frustrates me greatly when there is no good reason for these delays in an adoption.


A. Gillispie said...

We will be praying for those passports here in Gillispie land!

Could you please write to me privately? I'm hoping to hear more about your kid's foster home so I can share with a few families who are adopting through the same person.

Anita (

Difference2This1 said...

Prayers for travel dates to be confirmed soon!! Blessings, Jennifer